Discovering the divine, the hard way

Author Jock Whitehouse believes we can alleviate much of our unhappiness and that of others by discovering the divinity within us all. His novel, The Ledge of Quetzal – Beyond 2012, is an effort to show us how—and to debunk the myth that the world will end with the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. In part three of an interview with Jock the author discusses losing and finding his life—and where he’s headed next.

How did you wind up in this unhappy state?

I married, had two children and mid-way through the journey it all fell apart in divorce. How can something that happens to so many people be so devastating? The short answer is, I was disconnected from Source; I had all the wrong survival tools. Almost immediately, with my old belief system torn away, I began to meditate, trying to find and build a new me. I remarried and moved to a different job in a different part of the country. But the lessons weren’t over. In a period of eight years I lost five jobs and ended up on an operating table with my heart cut open. Shortly after that I returned to Mexico to touch once again the spiritual truths of my life. Through it all, meditation and its rich and unending stream of messages have never left me. Source becomes clearer and clearer every day.

Is it safe to say that you believe in the saying “I’ll see it when I believe it” rather than “I’ll believe it when I see it?”

Something like that. Co-creation goes a long way in that direction, a sister to the Law of Attraction, you might say. The difference, in my experience, is that with co-creation, the seeing and believing come at the same time. When you’re aligned—clear—what you see is co-created, and belief comes as a total knowing that it is as it should be.

Can you tell us anything about the next book you’re writing, its subject matter and publication date?

The Ledge of Quetzal is the first of a “Beyond 2012” trilogy. The sequel I’m working on now, which will be out in the fall of 2010, is called Dawn on Kukulkan. It’s about the struggle between Light and Dark leading up to December 21, 2012. This time the central mythological character is Tezcatlipoca, the god of Darkness. Essentially it’s Daniel’s exploration of the nature of Darkness and his/our role in co-creating it.

The third in the series is called The Ascent of Teonantli, which is the Nahuatl name for the Divine Feminine. As you might infer, I don’t think we’re going to get to the other side without fully restoring Her in our consciousness. She’s the outcome of the 2012 transformation—a transformation of consciousness.

— Jeff Widmer