Laughing in the New Year

At this point in the social media maelstrom, there might be as much writing about writing as there is product. For those of us looking for tips, distractions and advice for the forlorn, bloggers can provide diverting ideas and links for the price of your time.

We all want to read and write more, a wish that’s become a perpetual New Year’s resolution. As with all information in the digital age, finding and filtering sources of new ideas is the trick. With that in mind, Best Colleges Online offers its “Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs,” a compendium that covers inspiration as well as craft. Categories include blogs for aspiring and published writers, plus those that are focused on genres and grammar.

Some of the more fascinating sites: InkyGirl, daily diversions by cartoonist Debbi Ohi, and Backstory, a blog by M.J. Rose, where authors share stories of their inspiration.

Michael Stelzner has compiled the “Top 10 Blogs for Writers – The 2008/2009 Winners.” One highlight: the Freelance Parent, advice from two moms on writing while balancing time with small children.

Boomer ChickThe creator of “20 Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers” believes authors can sharpen their skills by reading others’ blogs. Highlight: Dosh Dosh, which discusses the use of social networks to market and monetize your work.

Then there’s Writer Blogs, Author Blogs & Book Blogs. The highlight here is Boomer Chick, meanderings by author and PR coach Dorothy Thompson, who skylines her blog with a quote from Erma Bombeck: “If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it.”

Happy New Year. He’s hoping we can make it better, and still have fun.