The buzz on buzzwords

There’s a fascinating site for straight-talkers called BuzzWhack, dedicated to “bursting the bubbles of the pompous.” BuzzWhack defines words and lets you submit your own candidates. And for those who can’t get enough of the new lingo, the site will email a new entry to you each day.

Here’s a sample:

  • news snackers: People with short attention spans who primarily get their news in short bursts from things like Twitter and RSS feeds.
  • urban Amish: A city dweller with no cell phone, no laptop, no iPod, no Blackberry, etc.
  • reinventing the flat tire: To make the same mistake made before despite extended debate and a formal vote.
  • jitterati: What the digital generation becomes after sipping one too many cups of Starbucks.
  • leveraging knowledge capital: Stealing someone else’s work or idea, then changing a few things to make it your own—kind of what I’m doing here.

I guess I need a personal stimulus recovery plan, aka a vacation.

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