Pinning PR hopes on Pinterest

Gini Dietrich has posted 16 ways to use Pinterest for PR on Ragan PR Daily. She covers some of the basics–think visually, avoid blatant promotion, make sure that the links work. She also lists a few ways to leverage the social network to reach others influential in the media.

Here are three of my favorite suggestions:

  • Provide visual customer stories. Find a way to tell stories—the history of your brand, for example—through images.
  • Pin material from key journalists and bloggers. You can drive traffic to them, get noticed and start a relationship.
  • Change descriptions with search engine optimization in mind. Change captions that read “This is so cool!” to something like “Extra kitchen storage.”

Here’s one she didn’t mention that’s essential to all media relations:

  • Know your audience. Pinterest abounds with people interested in architecture, fashion, travel and photography. There are also a number of teachers and amateur cooks on the site. Match your clients’ offerings to the audience and you’ll capture some attention.

— Jeff Widmer