Dialing up sales with mobile phones

Those people in your store with the mobile phones? They’re more likely to browse than buy.

That’s the conclusion of Jinal Shah, a digital strategist at JWT in New York. Shah and her team conducted a quantitative study, zeroing in on anyone 18 years old and above who used a smartphone or tablet to shop during the holiday season. She found several ways in which consumers are using their smartphones to bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar stores and ecommerce. Here are a few:

  • Mobile shopping doesn’t equal mobile purchasing. “While browsing is up, mobile shoppers aren’t necessarily using their phones to complete the purchase cycle,” she writes. “In fact, of all the activities for which shoppers use their phones, purchasing is one of the least popular, with price comparison ranking the highest.”
  • Men are more likely to consult their phones. “Men are more likely to use mobile devices as in-store companions for all types of shopping activities, from price comparisons to gathering information for a purchase.”
  • Mobile devices often trump computers. “The majority of mobile shopping is done in locations where computers are more readily accessible, such as at home and work.”

You can read the rest of her findings at Mashable.

— Jeff Widmer