Is your marketing on auto-pilot?

Today’s guest post is from Amanda Kaiser, one of the fresh young minds on the marketing scene. Amanda has worked with some of the heavyweights in the consumer sector and brings a lot of practical knowledge to the trade. Here’s a sample.

This summer I vacationed with my family in Cape May, N.J. If you’ve never been to Cape May think up-scale, cute, sea-side village with very interesting Victorian architecture. At the end of the day we’d take long walks that always led us past a small inn that was being renovated. Maybe renovated is not the correct term – semi demolished would be more accurate. The historic-inn-renovation company placed its beautiful sign out in front of the property like many construction companies do. But at that time the place couldn’t have looked worse – landscaping had been trampled, paint scraped, windows and doors were missing; it was gutted and looking very sad.

Unwittingly the renovation company was probably sending exactly the opposite message to prospective customers than they intended. Instead of saying “Please hire us, we do fantastic work” the overall feel was more like “Want to go through renovation hell? Call us!” Installing their sign just as things were starting to look really nice could have been far more productive.

Many marketing tactics run on auto-pilot so it’s worth regularly revisiting the things you always do and make sure they say what you need them to say, look how you need them to look, happen at the right time and appeal to your prospective customers.

Amanda Kaiser is the creator of The Smooth Path, a blog of simple marketing ideas for small business owners. She is the director of marketing for a non-profit association and has worked for some of the most well-known brands in the United States. When she’s not doing all-things-marketing she’s traveling, hiking, camping and baking with her husband and son.