Resistance is futile

There’s a scene in the movie “Minority Report” where digital screens read the eyeballs of Tom Cruise’s character and serve up personal ads. A trio of articles this week shows that, as the Borg like to say in “Star Trek,” trying to escape the long arm of marketers has become futile.

ESPNTruck-USOpen-bStarting on June 17, ESPN will display its broadcast of golf’s U.S. Open on trucks near sports bars and festivals in New York and Chicago. At 14 ft. by 8 ft. those digital displays will be hard to miss.

Separately, the New York Times is reporting that Automated Media Services is testing a system that allows agencies to buy commercial time in stores. By placing the 3GTV displays near the items being sold, advertisers hope to reach consumers as they’re making a decision to buy.

And finally comes word that digital will surpass newspaper advertising in the United States by 2014. Digital ads are projected to increase to $34.4 billion while the print equivalent will drop to 22.3 billion, the Wall Street Journal reports. The channels of choice? Your computer and smart phone.

Guard your eyes.