The way we were, in ads

As a kid Jay Paull loved advertising so much he tore ads from publications. Over the years he’s collected quite a few. To share that vast treasure trove of nostalgia he has created Vintage Print Advertisements, a website for a collection that dates to a time before his time—the mid-1800s through the early 1900s.

The site features an ad of the day, a search function and a list of categories from art to travel. They include the usual suspects like patent medicines and corsets and a few for practical but unusual items like Heap’s Patent Earth Closet, a private toilet and water closet for invalids promoted in 1892.

The ads are part of a privately owned collection and are not for sale.

Detroit Jewel Gas Range 1899

As Paull writes on the website, “Whether you are a historian, an academic, in the advertising industry, a student, or have general interest about a specific aspect of Americana such as food and beverage products, furniture and home products, transportation, clothing styles, music, magazines and newspapers, jewelry, travel, photography, or medicinal products, you will find the site’s rich content of importance.”