Curb Appeal

Appearances aren’t just deceiving. They can be deadly.

While showing a mansion on Florida’s tony Spanish Key, former detective CW McCoy discovers the naked body of a rival real estate agent, a black bra wrapped around her neck.

It’s the least of CW’s problems. The hot new cop she’s dating may face assault charges. Relations with both her best friend and mentor have frayed. And back-to-back hurricanes threaten to flatten the coast.

As the deception and bodies mount, CW must uncover the truth about her friends, her lover and a serial killer bent on murdering fellow agents . . . before she becomes a victim herself.

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Mr. Magic

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00049]Brinker has lost his magic. The agency’s CEO wants him to ace the competition. His former girlfriend wants him in detox. And as rival advertising executives disappear, an ambitious state trooper wants him in jail.

If this keeps up, the PR whiz who turned a serial killer into a national brand may have to vanish himself.

Throw in toxic waste, a nude car wash and a gun-toting presidential candidate and the czar of PR will have to spin some potent magic to escape the snare of sex, lies and greed that threatens to destroy his job, his sanity and the love of his life.

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Tourist in Paradise

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]When a gunman mistakes Candace McCoy for a wealthy visitor, the former detective faces her biggest challenge yet: Is the violence the start of a full-blown war on tourists? Or are the attacks a smokescreen for an even greater threat?

And if CW (who made her debut in Peak Season) unmasks the killers, will it spell the end of her career, her friends, and her life?

Haunted by a father who destroyed her family and a skinhead who wants to finish the job, CW must confront her violent past as well as a dangerous future as she uncovers a conspiracy that leads from the sunny beaches of Florida to the statehouse.

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Mr. Mayhem

Mr Mayhem kindle cover

In this economy, even an assassin needs an agent.

Sued by his publisher for libel, Brinker is reduced to promoting trolley tours of crime scenes. The tour business is dying. There aren’t enough murders to draw a crowd.

A good serial killer would help.

When his doctor asks for aid in euthanizing terminal patients, Brinker hires an assassin named Angel, who reigns chaos and fame on the sleepy resort town.

But as Angel’s demands soar with the body count, Brinker wonders whether he’ll become the latest addition to his own list.

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Peak Season

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]

Forced to shoot a fellow police officer, CW McCoy surrenders her gun, her badge and her confidence to take refuge in Southwest Florida. There, in the wealthy tourist mecca of Spanish Point, CW sells luxury real estate and cares for her ailing grandfather.

But even in paradise, violence finds her like a divining rod.

Declared dead by the courts, Bobby Lee Darby bursts into CW’s office to demand the family friend clear his name in a scheme to bilk millions from investors. When CW refuses, the fugitive financier kidnaps Pap to ensure her cooperation, triggering a chain of burglary, assault and murder that convinces local police that the former cop has gone rogue.

Racing to find Darby, CW must confront her violent past, risky affairs and love-hate relationship with Southwest Florida before those personal demons turn her new-found paradise into hell on earth.

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Riding with the Blues

Riding 3D coversFrom Ferguson to Baltimore to Hattiesburg, police officers face an unprecedented challenge—how to keep the law while maintaining public trust, as well as their own safety. Theirs is a balancing act that largely goes on behind closed doors.

With its Citizens Academy, the Sarasota Police Department has opened those doors. Based on a journal Jeff Widmer kept in class and in the field, Riding with the Blues explores the often hidden world behind the badge, taking readers beyond the front lines of law enforcement to see how officers work and hear how they feel about their jobs and the people they protect.

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The Spirit of Swiftwater

Spirit of Swiftwater book

They fought against smallpox and a backlash against the fledgling science of immunization to build a company and an industry. The Spirit of Swiftwater chronicles the pioneers of public health who founded what is now Sanofi Pasteur US.

Spanning a century, this casebound volume takes readers behind the scenes to view the struggles and triumphs of those who shaped modern medicine. Contains 144 archival and contemporary photos, plus glossary and index.

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